Frequently Asked Questions

Are guests under 21 years of age allowed to come in?

Before 9pm, there is no age requirement. After 9pm, it is the manager’s discretion. We advise that you call at the time you plan on visiting to see if we can accommodate guests under 21 before walking in.

What do I need to bring in order to use your equipment?

We ask all guests for an ID and credit card to secure all equipment. You can also use this same credit card to start a tab with your server. When you want to close out gaming, food and drinks–we can do that at the front desk altogether and you can pay with cash or card. Please note that a 4% fee applies to all card transactions and a maximum of 4 cards can be used to split a tab. 20% auto-gratuity is applied to groups of 6 or more.

How does your pricing work?

We charge all guests who actively play. Pool and ping pong are $16 per player per hour. Dart boards are $10 per board per hour. After the first minimum hour, guests are prorated per player per minute.

What does Priority Waitlist on the Society website entail?

This will add your name to our general waitlist for our gaming equipment that gives us a heads up for your arrival. You are not guaranteed a table on arrival, but if there is a waitlist when you arrive, you move near the top of the list as long as you arrive on time!

Is adding my name to the Priority Waitlist required?

It’s not required, but this can be helpful on busier nights.

What is the difference between adding my name to the Priority Waitlist and booking with the events department?

Our website Priority Waitlist is not a guaranteed table but more like a heads up – so if you arrive within 15 minutes of the requested time and there is a waitlist, you are boosted near the top of the list in order of check-in and spend less time waiting. Priority Waitlist is only valid for 1 table and a maximum of 8 guests.

If you’d like more than 1 table, you can book another slot for the same time frame; but, they won’t be guaranteed nearby, available at the same time or sat back-to-back on the waitlist. For more than 8 guests, we advise booking through the events department.

Booking with our events department with event pricing means you have a guaranteed table, ready and waiting for you! For more information about our party package options, please email

What if I don’t see my desired date/time for the Priority Waitlist online?

If you do not see your desired date or time on our website, that time slot may be full or closed due to events. We cannot take reservation requests via phone due to this. Please note that we only do Priority Waitlist requests on the hour, not half hour, or specific times.

When is happy hour and what does it include?

Monday-Friday from 4PM-7PM on our draughts, select wines, and select spirits.

Is a dress code required?

We always love smart casual and want to see you at your best!

Do you offer cue work or sell pool equipment?

Yes, our house pro, Jonathan Smith, can be contacted via email to set up an appointment and discuss pricing.

Do you offer billiards lessons?

Absolutely! Please contact our house pro, Jonathan Smith, via email to set up a lesson and discuss pricing. Pool time is a separate charge on top of the lesson fee.

How do I become a league member?

You can inquire at the front desk, on our league tab, or by email at

I’m having withdrawal symptoms from missing Society and/or want to start getting active at Society, what can I do?

Become a member and get all the feels, along with the discounts! You can also join the Society Discord group to keep up to date and stay active virtually. You don’t need to be a league member to join – just a pool enthusiast!